How to Obtain the Shiny Bald Look using the Best Bald Head Shaving Products for Men



Whether you are naturally bald or bald by choice, a shiny bald head is a sign of a healthy scalp. Although the shine can be faked for a short period of time with the best bald head shaving care products for men including oils and styling products, properly moisturizing and the right care for the skin can help you obtain a shiny bald look naturally.



Techniques and The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men for that Sexy Look

Things You'll Need

  • Shaving cream
  • Razor
  • Washcloth
  • Moisturizer
  • Styling care product or baby oil
  • Exfoliant 

  •  The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men: How to Obtain the Shiny Bald Look for Men
  • 1   Apply a shaving cream to the head. Use a sharp, clean razor to shave away any stubble or stray hairs. Do not dry shave. This causes moisture to be lost, which can make your head look matte and lackluster. 

  • 2   Use a dampened washcloth to wipe away any remaining shaving cream. Allow your head to air dry. This helps maintain its natural moisture with the least amount of care. 

  • 3  Apply a moisturizing lotion which restores hydration, repairs damaged skin and contains UV protection. Apply the lotion after shaving and daily, after a shower. If you have extremely dry skin, apply it twice -- once in the morning and at night.

  • 4  Apply a styling product, oil or wax to your head to enhance the shine. You may need to experiment to find which pr oducts work best with your skin type and tone. Some men find that misting the scalp with aerosol hairspray creates a shiny scalp, whereas others prefer to rub baby oil or light-hold waxes into the scalp.
  • 5  Massage an exfoliant into the scalp biweekly. An exfoliant is a slightly abrasive cleanser, which helps to remove residue and dead skin cells. After the exfoliant is rubbed into the scalp, use a dampened cloth to remove it.

With these techniques and the best bald head shaving care products for men, you will have that sexy dome you have been looking for....

The Art of Shaving


The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men: The Art of Shaving
Want to know the truth in shaving correctly? See More..

The Art of Shaving::The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men:

Skin and hair are the two biggest assets for everybody. Having flawless skin and hair is the dream of every individual and possible with good The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products for Men.

However, we encounter various problems on a daily basis that troubles us mentally. Many of us suffer from hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, and oiliness of the scalp leading to the bacterial infections and itching.

In such cases, people should consult a dermatologist at the earliest and get the required medications. They should also use a good quality, hair care product available in the market that claims to tackle these problems.

If you are a professional swimmer, problems like green hair and dry skin can annoy you to no limits. These problems arise because of the harsh chemicals used in the pool water.

There are simple treatments that you should follow which help in the regaining of the natural texture of your hair and skin. Chlorine and copper in the pool water makes the hair change its color and damage it. Therefore, you should clean your hair with a good quality shampoo and condition it properly after leaving the pool.

It helps in the rehydration and captures the moisture in the hair strands. There are also moisturizers available in the market that helps in regaining the lost moisture from the skin due to chemical treatment in the swimming pool water.

There are people who suffer from hair loss problems. Mainly it is the older people who suffer from problems of thinning hair, bald patches on the head and sagging skin with wrinkles. Baldness is often a genetic problem.

Sometimes you cannot help hair loss and the appearance of a bald head. However, a bald head does not mean that you do not have to take care of your head. Baldness, if not treated with care can cause much discomfort and problems like dandruff, infections and patch marks on the scalp.

A bald head however requires less care and management than a head full of hair. There are special shampoos and conditioners that protect the head from the damage caused by being hairless. If you are suffering from baldness, you should be careful to save you head from the extremes of sunlight, heat and cold.

There are capillaries and nerves in the scalp region of the head that are susceptible to damage if not taken care of. You can use hats and wigs to hide your baldness or make it your style statement. Even though, you have to be careful of treating your head and the skin of that area.

While talking of the skin many people have the misconception of understanding the facial skin. However, there skin of other body parts that needs care and attention equally. There are people who suffer from pimple problems in their backs and neck. These should be treated properly before the problems aggravate.

Skin of our hands and legs also needs attention. There are treatments like manicure and pedicure that you can opt for to take care of your skin in those areas. Thus, a total treatment of the hair and skin of your body together makes good The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products for Men and you beautiful and presentable.

Tired of Razor Burn?

Using the correct Razor can stop Razor Burn.

What is the best razor for shaving your head...Read More

Tired of Razor Burn?::The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men::

In the modern days, every individual working men has to take care of their looks and appearence since they have to meet lots of people in their daily life for their business pupose and individual needs. Every men can maintain their beauty by just investing few minutes each day in using right mens beauty products. Beauty is an inseparable thing for men or women, though women seem to be on the prominent side and are believed to indulge more than men, but now you see the men too are interested in grooming up and stay looking good for ever. There are many The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products for Men everyday in the market for men which helps to maintain their beauty.

Generally Men's beauty care products include Soap, Shaving Cream, Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Care Products, Hair Care Products, etc. To take care of your look and appearence, you should prefer for best available cosmetic products. Choosing the right beauty products for men will helps to prevent from side effects and allergies. There are many cosmetologist who will offer the right beauty care products in accordance to your skin. And choosing the branded beauty care products is the right way that helps to prevent side-effects, since these are the products which is mostly used by the consumers. And similarly taking care of hair is one of the hectic job for men, because men's good appearence will be given by the hair, hence there are also branded hair care products for men which will improve their look. Most of the men get scared to use hair care products because some of the products may lead to bald head and hair fall. But there are mild shampoos and hair creams which will ensures a healthy hair.

There are many online stores to get hair and The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products for Men but the main thing is to select the right branded hair care. And i always Profer is the right place to find all kinds of hair care, face care, beauty care, and body care products at affordable rate. The Beauty Products offered at Hair, Body and Mind are the latest branded products and are recommened by the dermatology consultants. They are also specialized in Afro, Bi-Racial and Carribean hair care products and advice for the customers. So get the recommended branded hair care products and make your loo and appearence good!!!

Ingrown Hairs! Now What?

Now that you shaved your bald head,you have pimples and Ingrown Hairs.
Read How to Prevent them...

Ingrown Hairs! Now What?::The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men::

Maintaining a great looking bald head and caring for a shaved head takes a bit of work. Preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs and keeping the sun from wreaking havoc on your scalp are essential. Follow these three tips for keeping that dome looking smooth:

  1. Shave. The first step in maintaining your bald head is to use proper shaving technique. Follow my professional advice for shaving your head.

  2. Moisturize. Daily shaving and exposure to the sun can leave your scalp dry and flaky. Remember to use a good moisturizer on your scalp every morning.

  3. Protect. The scalp is even more susceptible to damage from the sun than other parts of the body. Always use a good sunscreen on your scalp before prolonged sun exposure. Many companies make high quality moisturizers with built-in sunscreen, so check the skin care aisle of your drug store.

These are but a few tips for keeping your bald head in great shape. For more scalp care advice, read my article on keeping your scalp healthy.

The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men


The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men


How A Sexy Bald Or Shaven Head Can Make Balding Men Beautifully Confident with the Best Bald Head Care Products


Hot Sexy Bald Men

the best bald head shaving care products for men: Bald Heads on Sexy Men

When I see men that are not confident this is a turn off. Normally the men that are not confident have hair that is not groomed appropriately and they are fighting the fact that they are going bald.

Bald is Beautiful when using The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men

A bald head can cure all of the grooming issues but the confidence issue is still a problem. There are men that are going bald and begin to cut their hair closer. This is a great beginning to appropriate care and learning the best bald head shaving care products for men.

The man that made this decision is now entering the acceptance stage is slowly rebuilding his confidence which is the results of quality bald head care.

What Happens When Balding Begins?  

When ever we lose anything we care about we must go through all of the stages of grieving:


                                                                 * Denial

                                                                 * Anger

                                                                 * Depression

                                                                 * Acceptance

                                                                 * Recovery

After going through these stages we try out different styles depending on our age. I know you all have seen the comb over and toupees. It seems to me some have traded down in the confidence department. Or is it that without the hair or at least some hair they don't feel as confident.

Just because other men are doing the comb-overs and toupees means it works for everyone. I believe what ever a balding man chooses to do is because of the stage of confidence he is in.

I just want you to know balding men, a sexy man is still sexy when bald. I have to confess that the sexiest man I ever dated was a balding man. It was his confidence that made him sexy not the lack of hair. Balding men also compensate by becoming a better companion once they are on the road to recovery after acceptance. In my opinion.

I remember when he first asked me out I didn't see the balding area and when I did I thought that I could not be seen with a balding man. I expected him to stain the balding area and comb his hair over. This is something I could not do as a trained professional.

I did advise him to cut his hair very close. I was very comfortable about his confident level after all. He did not do strange things to appear to have more hair as I assumed he would. I believe this is why he turned his back to me to see if I was a mature woman that was not superficial.

I am to a certain degree, I just love a confident man and if that is being superfiscial, so be it. A great low hair-cut or a bald head is a beautiful thing. Being enslaved by hair that is not staying is not good way in learning the best bald head shaving care products for men.

By way this same sexy balding man loved me in heels,makeup and long hair. Go figure! Oh well back to the sexy bald men.

Bald men are only as hot as they feel they are. Taking the remainder of your hair off when balding is a great way to get past the evidable. Enjoy your life and don't get caught up in something that can't be changed.

Lace wigs, toupees and comb-overs can be costly and stressful to keep up and not the best options in bald head care. The ones that love you will continue to love you with or without hair. If you still want to save your hair find out how to find the right products to save and prevent more hair loss. What makes a bald head beautiful and sexy is confidence and of course the best bald head shaving care products for men. Be well you sexy balding men.

The Best Bald Head Shaving Care Products For Men