The Perfect Technique to Bald Head Shaving

Step by Step Guide to a Perfect perfect technique to bald head shaving

1. The first step, is to make sure that your hair is not long,(ex. 1-2 cm above your scalp is considered short. If you have long hair, then you will have to buzz it off with a hair clipper. The main objective is to get your hair as short as possible.

2. Next, a final massage. Take a few minutes to massage your head to relax and reduce some pre-shaving stress.

3. Soak your head for a minute with warm water to open up to pores and soften up the hair. It's much easier to shave with wet hair.

4. Pinch out the shaving lubricant and apply liberally all over your head. Don't shy away on this, shaving cream helps with the shave and prevent razor burns so unless you want a burning sensation after the shave, it's best not to scrounge on the lubricant.

5. Give your scalp a good massage and lather the lubricant all over your head.

6. To shave top of your head, start with your forehead till the crown area.

7. Shave by a gentle stroke pattern. Shave at 1 direction only, like from front to back. For a closer shave, shave against the grain. If you have curly and thick hair, shave with the grain.


Perfect Technique To Bald Head Shaving: Shaving Directions

8. Start at the thinnest part of the scalp. Usually, start off with the sides but if you are Facing Pattern Baldness and your hair is really thin on top, it's best to start with the top part.

9. After that start with the sides, slowly does it so you don't accidentally cut your ears!

10. Finally, take a small mirror and start shaving your back portion from the upper part to the bottom of your head. It's best to shave the back part last because it's usually the thickest area. So wait up to let the lubricant soothes the back area first.

11. You're almost there, after the head shaving, take a shower and rinse your head off for a few minutes.

12. If you are experiencing some irritation (very common for first timers) then apply some aftershave over the area to soothe it.


Shaving Creams all the Same?

BEWARE! All Bald Head Shaving Creams

are NOT Equal! 

Shaving Creams all the Same?::

If you’re looking to shave your own head, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll explain the best way to get a shaved head, and you won’t even need a trip to the barber shop.  It's that basic when learning perfect technique to bald head shaving.


The shaved head is becoming quite stylish. Heck, even female head shaving has taken off among celebrities like Britney Spears and Natalie Portman.



Head shaving tools

Before you get bald, you’re going to need some basic equipment. I happened to have everything already, but it can also be purchased for a reasonable price.

  • Shaving cream – Don’t waste your money on special head shaving cream. But don’t skimp in this area. I’m a fan of old fashioned shaving soap and a nice badger shaving brush.
  • Lotion – Your scalp will need a little protection from the elements. Any decent hand lotion should suffice.
  • Hair clippers – Just get a basic at-home hair cutting set. This Wahl 11-piece kit is more than enough.
  • Razor – You don’t need a fancy electric razor for this operation. I wouldn’t even seek out the best razor for shaving your head. Use what works for your face. I love this Merkur classic razor.

 The HeadBlade seems to be a popular option making it easier to shave your head. This company has a full line of bald head care products, including HeadSlick and HeadLube.

How to shave your head

Once you have everything gathered up, it’s time to shave. It’s an intimidating thing to do, but it’s really quite simple when learning perfect technique to bald head shaving. Relax, and have fun!

  1. Buzz your hair off with the clippers. If you have long hair, you might need to make a couple passes. Get as much hair off as possible, and buzz it right up to your scalp (no guard).
  2. Warm your scalp with water. You want to open up the pores and soften the bristly hair. Run warm water all over your scalp and rub it in with your hands.
  3. Lather your head with shaving cream. Don’t miss any area, especially the back. Apply this stuff liberally; you’ll be glad you did.
  4. Shave one area at a time. Your scalp is a lot of surface area, so just focus on one spot at a time. I start with the sides, then the top, and save the back for last.  Re-apply shaving cream as you shave. Before you shave each area, apply more shaving cream. This helps further soften your skin and guard against razor burn.
  5. Rinse your scalp and apply lotion. I put lotion on a few times a day.  Just don’t neglect your scalp.
  6. Enjoy your new look!

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Great! Ingrown Hairs...

Now that you shaved your bald head,you have pimples and Ingrown Hairs.
Read How to Prevent them...

Great! Ingrown Hairs...::

How To Decide If The Bald Look Is Right For You

Some tips for men who are deciding whether or not to adopt the bald look. Discussion about who looks good bald, who doesn't.

Women aren't the only ones who get a sudden urge to change their hairstyles. Just like women, some guys change their hair do only to find sometimes that it just doesn't suit them. Other times they try a new style and everyone thinks it looks great. Many guys are going for the bald look because it's easier to take care of and lots of women love the look. If you're considering the bald look for yourself think it over first. Will you be a guy who looks great with this change? Will you be one of the ones who suddenly looks old after shaving his head? These are only some of the things to consider. A style that looks great on one guy might not look so good on yourself.


Keep in mind if you decide to shave your head that it probably hasn't seen sunlight in quite some time. If you've got a great tan you might look kind of weird with a big, white head on top of the nice tanned body. Skin that has not been exposed to sunlight in quite awhile will burn very easily. Wear a hat when going outdoors and expose your newly shaved head only occasionally until it has gotten a little more used to the sun. And waiting until winter months can be very cold without hair, depending upon where you live.


As a child many head injuries can occur, however minor. Even the least of head injuries can leave a scar that you may not know you still have. If as a child, or an adult, you've had several injuries to the head you might want to reconsider the bald look. If you're not self conscious about scars go ahead and try the new do and see if it suits you. Keep in mind that if you don't like it you'll have several weeks to wait before it grows back.


One other thing that some people don't take into consideration until it's too late is the shape of their head. You don't realize if you have a pointed head or odd shaped noggin until you've shaved off all your hair. You could end up looking very frightening. On the other hand you could discover that your head is perfectly shaped and your new do makes you look super suave.


Have people told you all your life that you have big ears? Although people can be cruel sometimes you should listen to them. Big ears or ears that stick out will be much more apparent after the head is shaved.


Slight people who decide to shave their heads could be disappointed when they find that the bald look makes them seem even shorter. Although it's not true for all small guys it is true for most.


If you're a tall, large person the bald look might make you seem menacing. Unless that's the particular look you're after you might want to opt for a short cut rather than baldness.


Ultimately it is the decision of the guy whether or not to shave his head. There's no real reason not to try it if you want to since you can always let it grow back if you don't like it.

Problems with Razor Burn?

Using the correct Razor can stop Razor Burn.

What is the best razor for shaving your head...Read More

Problems with Razor Burn?::

Pros And Cons Of Head Shave


Shaving one’s head may seem like a drastic change to make but a lot of people find it comfortable. A majority of men shave their heads because they suffer from male pattern baldness or extreme hair loss. However, teenagers usually shave their heads if there is an ongoing fashion trend on the scene. To want a different look is also another reason that drives boys and men to shave their heads. Some religions and traditions also require infants to shave their heads. It has also been said that shaving ones head allows the hair to grow back with a better texture.

If one is seriously considering shaving their head, they must follow the following steps so that the desired results can be achieved and maintained
The first step is to completely cut one’s hair till the scalp. This is because it is difficult to shave a head which has long hair on it. This part can be carried out easily at home and with the help of a friend or family member. Hair clippers are usually used for this purpose and are recommended.

Completely wetting the newly shortened hair as well as the scalp is essential as this helps to avoid razor burns.

The application of shower gels, shaving cream or shower cream is also recommended as it allows the razor to glide through the head easily and without causing skin abrasions or irritations.

Moving the razor slowly is also recommended. One should also remember the moving the razor and targeting a particular spot again and again will not lead to desired results. The method of shaving perfectly is difficult to master and one should make sure that they are properly equipped before they go ahead with it. In case they feel as though they cannot, salons offer such services.

After the head is shaved, the application of after-shave or cream is recommended.

If you make sure that you follow all the above mentioned tips in an orderly fashion, your freshly shaved head will undoubtedly look good.

Pros of having a shaved head

  • When one does not have any hair, there is no hassle to wash condition or maintain it.
  • It puts you in the spotlight and makes strangers notice you. While some may not like this, a large number of people view this to be an advantage.
  • It has been said that people who have no hair are more carefree and easy going.

Cons of having a shaved head

  • During winters or during rainfall, it is essential for the individual to wear a hood or a cap. If they do not do say, they will catch a head cold.
  • Sunburn is another major limitation. Applying sunscreen on an hourly basis is extremely important if you are spending time outside the house.
  • Even though the spotlight may be fun, it will get tiring after a particular period of time. Jokes and humor will lose their charm and begin to annoy you.
  • It is not necessary that your head is shaped perfectly. A majority of heads have a few bumps here and there which can end up looking quite unattractive. Therefore, the entire purpose is defeated.
  • Many people who have gone though with shaving their heads often wonder if they will need to shave their heads on a regular basis. However, this answer differs from person to person. If one wants a smooth and spotless head everyday, they must shave it everyday. On an average, those with shaved heads usually shave their heads every other day.
  • If one goes overboard, one will suffer from serious razor burns and also develop ingrown hairs.
A large number of celebrities believe in shaving their heads. Athletes such as basketball players prefer to keep a bald head as it does not come in the way of their game and also keeps excess sweat away. Many actors opt for a shaved head due to the same reasons. Other celebrities shave their heads because their role in the movie demands it.
The reason for shaving your head does not need to be mad public. If you are happy with your decision, you must go ahead with it as looking different is always an added benefit. 


Tada! Meet the New You with your beautiful shaved bald head!


Perfect Technique To Bald Head Shaving: Bald Head

You have finally take the plunge in perfect technique to bald head shaving and be glad that you did! It's too late for regrets so don't! Now take a picture of yourself and share it with your family and friends. Now won't have to worry about taking medications for hair loss or looking for alternatives to cure your hair loss problem and probably won't even need to shampoo anymore.

Enjoy your new look and if you have any remorse over it, don't worry your hair will still grow back after a few months. If you want back your hair, you can continue to start with treatments like Minoxidil and herbal therapies because it's much easier to apply when you are bald!

Perfect Technique To Bald Head Shaving


Perfect Technique To Bald Head Shaving


How A Sexy Bald Or Shaven Head Can Make Balding Men Beautifully Confident with the Best Bald Head Care Products


Hot Sexy Bald Men

perfect technique to bald head shaving: Bald Heads on Sexy Men

When I see men that are not confident this is a turn off. Normally the men that are not confident have hair that is not groomed appropriately and they are fighting the fact that they are going bald.

Bald is Beautiful when using Perfect Technique To Bald Head Shaving

A bald head can cure all of the grooming issues but the confidence issue is still a problem. There are men that are going bald and begin to cut their hair closer. This is a great beginning to appropriate care and learning perfect technique to bald head shaving.

The man that made this decision is now entering the acceptance stage is slowly rebuilding his confidence which is the results of quality bald head care.

What Happens When Balding Begins?  

When ever we lose anything we care about we must go through all of the stages of grieving:


                                                                 * Denial

                                                                 * Anger

                                                                 * Depression

                                                                 * Acceptance

                                                                 * Recovery

After going through these stages we try out different styles depending on our age. I know you all have seen the comb over and toupees. It seems to me some have traded down in the confidence department. Or is it that without the hair or at least some hair they don't feel as confident.

Just because other men are doing the comb-overs and toupees means it works for everyone. I believe what ever a balding man chooses to do is because of the stage of confidence he is in.

I just want you to know balding men, a sexy man is still sexy when bald. I have to confess that the sexiest man I ever dated was a balding man. It was his confidence that made him sexy not the lack of hair. Balding men also compensate by becoming a better companion once they are on the road to recovery after acceptance. In my opinion.

I remember when he first asked me out I didn't see the balding area and when I did I thought that I could not be seen with a balding man. I expected him to stain the balding area and comb his hair over. This is something I could not do as a trained professional.

I did advise him to cut his hair very close. I was very comfortable about his confident level after all. He did not do strange things to appear to have more hair as I assumed he would. I believe this is why he turned his back to me to see if I was a mature woman that was not superficial.

I am to a certain degree, I just love a confident man and if that is being superfiscial, so be it. A great low hair-cut or a bald head is a beautiful thing. Being enslaved by hair that is not staying is not good way in learning perfect technique to bald head shaving.

By way this same sexy balding man loved me in heels,makeup and long hair. Go figure! Oh well back to the sexy bald men.

Bald men are only as hot as they feel they are. Taking the remainder of your hair off when balding is a great way to get past the evidable. Enjoy your life and don't get caught up in something that can't be changed.

Lace wigs, toupees and comb-overs can be costly and stressful to keep up and not the best options in bald head care. The ones that love you will continue to love you with or without hair. If you still want to save your hair find out how to find the right products to save and prevent more hair loss. What makes a bald head beautiful and sexy is confidence and of course perfect technique to bald head shaving. Be well you sexy balding men.

Perfect Technique To Bald Head Shaving
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